Lesson #4 – Go hard or go home

Jack Russell Terrier sleeping

Let sleeping dogs lie

My dog sleeps an average of 20 hours a day. He’s not particularly old, or unhealthy. In fact he’s built like a little athlete and the vet once told me he has the heartbeat of a German Shepherd. I am constantly in awe of his ability and determination to sleep through constant patting, poking and prodding (by me) and loud movies and music (granted he does usually disappear upstairs whenever I play the piano). However, should we happen to accidentally sit on a squeaky toy or nudge a ball and set it rolling as we walk past: It. Is. On.

When there’s a chance to play, or an opportunity to give that toy another round of ‘killin’ he figures sleep can wait and he gives it his all.

I’ve been trying to remember this when my alarm goes off to get up for the gym or a run in the morning. I can sleep later, I tell myself (even though later is at least 13 hours away). And when I’m there staring that kettle bell or Dairy Farmers Hill in the face I say to myself, if I’m doing this, I’m doing it properly.

To quote the great English poet will.i.am – ‘Go hard or go home’.

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