Lesson #5 – Stretch

jack russell terrier and foam roller I did a 14 kilometer run this morning. This isn’t far for some, but it’s definitely at the upper end of my range. After I finished I was so excited about getting to breakfast, I forgot to do my stretches. Stupid mistake (although breakfast was great). Having sat still for the rest of the day next to my little dog (him sleeping, me being equally inactive) with my legs slowly stiffening, I’ve been reminded about the importance of stretching.

Even though he pretty much does nothing all day, my little fella never fails to get at least a few good stretches in between naps. He’ll even take advantage of a nearby human whenever possible to get a bit more leverage.

jack russell terrier and foam rollerIn the absence of humans to help me out, I have what I affectionately refer to as The Foam Roller of Death. If you don’t know about the foam roller, it’s a torture device commonly prescribed by sadistic physiotherapists. It’s a simple concept, you just ‘roll yourself out’, easing muscle tension. The technical term is self-myofascial release, which sounds great until you receive the instruction ‘find the place that hurts, and hold it there for 60 seconds’.

jack russell terrier and foam rollerThe lesson, and what I expect my dog knows, is that the more you do it, the less it hurts and the better you feel. So, go find a convenient human (or foam roller) and get stretching.

5 thoughts on “Lesson #5 – Stretch

  1. Very impressive – I’ve walked 14kms, even more, but I’ve never run more than, oh, maybe 100metres! Oops, no, I did try running in my 20s but even then I think it was a neighbourhood block or two so maybe 500 metres or so. I can’t comprehend running kms and kms. I can comprehend stretching though as yoga is part of my daily routine. My app, even has yoga (stretches) for runners. Sounds like the app for you!


  2. Our Roller of Death is looking at me right now.
    I have been meaning to use it all day, and haven’t.
    And I’m pretty sure it knows.


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