Street art: Bill Murray paste-up

Bill MurrayWith a somewhat uncanny yet irreverent nod to my month spent in Tokyo trying to emulate Scarlet Johansson in Lost in Translation (without the all-expenses-paid room at the Park Hyatt but with a pair of suitable pants for lounging – someone should really tell that girl about Uniqlo) my local shops welcomed me home with this surprise portrait of Bill Murray.

This primitive form of lenticular printing, previously rendered in another work, Mr T – which I can only assume was by the same artist – takes advantage of the otherwise superfluous slatted fences radiating out from a toilet block. Having seen these two works in situ, it’s starting to look to me like the fences were custom-built for this very purpose.

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I wish this artist knew how much I love their work right now. For me, it encapsulates everything that is pure and true about street art – whimsy, humour and craftsmanship combined to make an otherwise ordinary public space somewhere that’s engaging and unique.

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