Just like starting over


Black Mountain at sunrise

It happened. I ran out of things to write about. Well, maybe not things to write about, rather the impetus to write about them. To be honest, I thought it would happen a lot quicker than it did. After almost 10 months of weekly posting, it’s the opposite of an alcoholic being on the wagon. I’ve fallen off. It’s been seven weeks since my last post.

Just before the lull I was proud to have reached 200 followers. Not many compared to most blogs, but a milestone nonetheless. And then…nothing. No new street art, no great travel experiences, no amazing philosophical insights from my small dog. Nothing.

As I learnt over the course of many years spent procrastinating about writing papers for university, the best way to break through the barrier to getting started is to write something. Setting out to write just the first sentence or paragraph is a way to trick yourself into engaging with the task when the thought of writing hundreds of words, and making those words intelligent sounding, is entirely overwhelming.

So this is my start. I’ve broken through the barrier. Stay tuned for more.

8 thoughts on “Just like starting over

    • Thanks Fran, I’m certainly not out of the woods yet. Still struggling to find things to write about, but hey, I’m just lucky my life doesn’t depend on it!


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