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This is not a blog about Canberra, but it is written by someone who lives there.

It was while traveling around Japan and reading Cathy Davidson’s novel 36 views of Mount Fuji that I was struck by her description of the famous series of Hokusai’s  woodblock prints of the same name:

Hokusai portrays the different, even contradictory, aspects of Japanese life. There is tremendous variety and vitality…aristocratic courtiers, humble workers, carefree picnickers, devout pilgrims. The only constant is Mount Fuji, symbol of that which is permanent or unchanging in Japan. Hokusai does nothing to reconcile contradictions, but the presence of the mountain suggests that all of the views, taken together, make up Japan.

From such great inspiration comes a much simpler creation. This blog sets out to observe the everyday and bring together different aspects of one life lived in the presence of a much humbler mountain.

Read more about why I started this blog in my first post, Letters to Grandma.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I have no idea of your age, but I would have loved to have had you as a pen pal. I can remember poring over letters, very quickly replying, and then waiting again for the next letter to arrive. I so wanted a pen pal. Blogging is my adult version of being a pen pal. I have met several very interesting people from all over the world through blogging. It will be fun to follow your blog.


    • You’re right about blogging being like having a pen pal. You get to write to ‘someone’ out in the world wide web, even if it’s usually just your family and friends reading regularly. It’s not as personal, but at least you don’t have to wait for a reply!


  2. I’m here from the comment that you left on my blog XXFactor. Just wanted to say that it was the most profound thing I heard on the topic. Also, if you’re on Twitter, I’d really like to follow you. Are you?


    • Thanks for visiting. Your post was very thought provoking so I’m glad my comment was able to offer something in return. Yes, I’m on twitter but probably not putting as much effort into it as I should – the blog is the main focus. Please follow me though, @36viewsblackmtn.


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