Street art: Red dog paste-up

street artThis fella appeared at Kingston Shops a couple of weeks ago. His location close to the ground and simple design means he’s pretty inconspicuous, so it was a bit of a surprise to discover him. 

What I like is the way the red highlights pick out the colour of the service door behind him. Like every dog who walks along here, his nose is to the ground, as a popular dining precinct there’s often scraps of food around – as my dog will tell you it’s often a fruitful place for scavenging.

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He could be a fox or a stray, although his pom pom tail does suggest some kind of ‘designer’ breed. Either way, he’s now a local character I look out for every time I’m in the area.

3 thoughts on “Street art: Red dog paste-up

    • Hi Audrey, thanks for reading! I’m not exactly sure how those three things fit together, but I definitely love them all. I won’t be going back to Japan for a while now, but I love reading about it, so thanks for tip with Love Japan Magazine.

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