Tips for running in Tokyo – Part 2

imageThis is the much delayed second part to my earlier post where I promised to give some tips on where to go running if you’re visiting Tokyo. Even thought it’s been several months since I was there, the runs have stayed with me as some of the most enjoyable I’ve done.

As I mentioned in my other post, even though I was only in Japan a short time, having a ‘regular’ running route can make you feel more at home and something like a local as you start to recognise smaller landmarks and fall into the daily rhythm of an area. Now I’m home I miss passing the policemen sitting behind desks in the Koban stations on my way down to the Sumida River, and seeing the dogs dressed up for their walks around Shinobazu Pond.

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Lesson #5 – Stretch

jack russell terrier and foam roller I did a 14 kilometer run this morning. This isn’t far for some, but it’s definitely at the upper end of my range. After I finished I was so excited about getting to breakfast, I forgot to do my stretches. Stupid mistake (although breakfast was great). Having sat still for the rest of the day next to my little dog (him sleeping, me being equally inactive) with my legs slowly stiffening, I’ve been reminded about the importance of stretching.

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A is for ACTive

New shoes - still in the box

New shoes – still in the box

It’s a little known fact that people living in Australia’s Capital Territory are a lot more active than other Australians.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, noticed most recently by fellow blogger – CBR bound, and which is backed up by a solid statistic: the latest Australian Bureau of Statistic’s survey on participation in sports and recreation shows that nearly three quarters of people aged 15 years and over in the ACT participated in some kind of physical activity in 2013-14, a higher percentage of people than in other states and territories. Continue reading