B12ing grateful for good health

imageSomebody should really tell doctors that asking someone to come in ‘straight away’ to hear their test results when all they have is a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a lot of unnecessary alarm. On my solitary walk down to the surgery, my mind ran the whole gamut of possibilities….cancer, three months to live and so on. When I got there, it seems he was having something of a slow morning so thought he’d bring me in to pass the time. Needless to say, I can’t really complain about the outcome or the service. Continue reading

Just like starting over


Black Mountain at sunrise

It happened. I ran out of things to write about. Well, maybe not things to write about, rather the impetus to write about them. To be honest, I thought it would happen a lot quicker than it did. After almost 10 months of weekly posting, it’s the opposite of an alcoholic being on the wagon. I’ve fallen off. It’s been seven weeks since my last post. Continue reading

Writers Anonymous

Hello my name is stickerOne by one they enter the room. Colour moving into a pale white space. White walls, white tables, whiteboard at the front. They write their first names on labels and smooth them onto their chests. They each recite the obligatory introductory verse ‘Hi, my name is…’ Those already in the room respond with the chorus ‘Hi…’ This isn’t AA, it’s a night class for writers. Continue reading

Seven things I’ve learnt from my first six months of blogging

imageI started this blog at the end of 2014, just over six months ago. It was through reading others’ blogs that I became inspired to start my own. It was like falling down a rabbit hole, first I followed a food blog, then a blog about Canberra which led to other blogs about travel and health and fitness and politics and on, and on. I’ve never thought that I have much to offer in the way of expertise on anything, blogging has always been more about having the license to set up a little space of my own on the internet. If anyone ever looks at it, well that’s a bonus.

Continue reading