Grocery shopping in Japan

fried tofuOne of the things I enjoy about travel is how ordinary everyday activities are made extraordinary. Catching public transport is an orienteering exercise and leaving your hotel to find a meal is an adventure. A trip to the supermarket is like finding yourself in a game show where you need to buy the ingredients for a meal – in a shop where they’ve taken the labels off all the packages. Continue reading

Lesson #3 – Knowing where to get a good meal

My dog and I share the same dream meal.

My dog and I share the same dream meal.

My dog can remember the place he found a chicken bone in a bush five years ago. Whenever we’re out walking in that area, as soon as we get within a 100 meter radius of that bush, he’ll try everything in a small dog’s power to get us closer to that spot so he can check it out again. He recognises the importance of a good meal and knowing where to find it.

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