Street art: Stickers

I started noticing these around Kingston shops and now keep seeing them everywhere.

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I like the detail and precision of the line drawing, as though someone’s doodled them with a pencil.

They’re usually stuck in out of the way places and surprise you when you’re waiting at the traffic lights or staring aimlessly at some ugly piece of urban infrastructure.

3 thoughts on “Street art: Stickers

  1. Canberra with ugly pieces of Urban Infrastructure? Not the city I knew and loved.
    But seriously though, they are randomly cool. Many years ago there was a street performing institution in Canberra who used to come up to patrons dining al fresco and offer to give them an art piece for a donation of their choice.
    When you accepted, he would take his top off (even in the middle of a freezing Canberra Winters night), drop a sheet into a bucket of wet and cold Plaster of Paris and then drape the sheet over himself until it set.
    He would then delicately disengage himself from the sheet and hand it to you for his donation (usually in the order of $20 or so, mid 1980s).
    You would end up with a hard, white, vaguely human sculpture that looked like a cross between a nuclear blast victim and Lots Wife.
    I had one for many years and was quite saddened when time wrought its inevitable change and it was relegated to the compost heap.

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    • I guess every city has its must haves – rubbish bins, street signs, light poles – all I think enhanced temporarily by these carefully drawn characters. I think it’s the care that’s been taken that gets me, similar to your performance artist – how extraordinary. I doubt you’d find an artist so devoted these days, or as many people willing to partake?


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